• PanelGrip® Isolator

    The patented PanelGrip® System utilizes a unique locking mechanism of high-strength aluminum and PVC isolators combined with a specially designed aluminum shoe moulding. Isolator assembly is adjustable to accommodate 1/2” through 13/16” glass. Glass Deduction = 15/16".  10ft/lbs of torque.

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    PanelGrip Isolator - New

    PanelGrip Isolator

    PanelGrip Isolator Diagram A

    PanelGrip Isolator Diagram A

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    Product Details
    Part # Description Base Section Glass Size



    A42-0027-1L "Brown" Isolator for 1/2" mono. (requires shim A42-0027-1S) or 9/16" lami (no shim required) A42-0072 .469" - .560" Brown/White
    A42-0028-1B "Black" Isolator for 1/2" or 9/16" glass A42-0073 .469" - .560" Black/Black
    A42-0028-1W "White" Isolator for 3/4" glass A42-0073 .719" - .781" White/White
    A42-0028-1DG "Dark Grey" Isolator for 5/8" glass A42-0073 .569" - .638" Dark Grey/White
    A42-0028-1LG "Light Grey" Isolator for 11/16" glass A42-0073 .642" - .726" Light Grey/White
    A42-0028-1R "Red" Isolator for 13/16" glass A42-0073 .768" - .874" Cream/Red

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