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PanelGrip® facilitates the quick assembly of structural glass railing without messy fillers or special tools.  The patented PanelGrip® Dry Glaze Railing System results in significant savings in labor and shipping costs while providing a safe, strong guard rail that meets the most stringent building codes.


Reduce Labor Costs up to 80%

No sealing of shoe, no setting blocks, no plumbing of glass, no multiple pours of cement, no waiting for cement to cure, no messy clean up.

No Special Tools

All you need is an Allen wrench for installation or removal.

Reduce Freight Costs up to 30%

PanelGrip®  base shoe is 30% lighter than standard base shoes yet meets structural load requirement for railings.

No Mess

No mixing and pouring of expansion cement, no running of cement on incline.

Broadest Grip Range of Any Dry Glaze System

Made for both 1/2" or 3/4" tempered and laminate glass (12.7mm and 19mm).

The PanelGrip®2 base shoe and mechanism are sold as a system and are subject to one or more of the following patents: US7730682, US8181405, NZ581456, CA2697162, EP2171180 and AU2008282693.

Product Details


  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • No Special Tools
  • Reduced Freight Cost
  • No Mess
  • Accommodates 1/2" – 13/16" Glass
  • Easier Handling
  • Simple To Install on an Incline
  • Can Be Installed Completely From One Side

Additional Information

  • Stocked In 10’ & 20’ Stock Lengths
  • Pre-Drilled with Counter-Bored Holes on 12” Centers
  • Fascia Mount Drilling Available
  • Cladding & Top Rail Available in both Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Compatible with Drain Blocks For Exterior Applications
  • Compatible with Weld Blocks for Mounting Directly to Steel
  • Custom Engineering Available for Special Situations
  • Shop Drawing Services Available for Submittals

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